Thursday, July 5, 2012

Naps and Apps

Many thanks to Heather McGovern for standing in for me! I enjoyed my little holiday and am feeling all better, but I did miss everyone here at Castles and Guns. It's good to be back.

Now, raise your hand if you have a smartphone...

Smartphones, like cellphones as a whole before them, are quickly becoming a necessity. A busy mom on the go has just as much a need for one as the entrepreneur. Or, the busy mom is also an entrepreneur! More and more hats are being added to those already worn. A smartphone can be essential to making everything work.

First a Droid and now an iPhone 4s, I would be lost without my smartphone! I admit I'm a little bit of an app addict, but I have discovered some cool ones for writers and readers. 

Agent Obvious by Laurie Abkemeier

The idea for this app started off in @LaurieAbkemeier's Twitter feed where she posted daily tips. This app is great for any writer aspiring to be published and those already in the industry. My favorite feature is being able to click a button and share the tips. The downside is having to resist sharing everything!

Find out more and download here.

Literary Agents and Publishers Database by BookCaps

This app is a database of agents and publishers, as it states in the name. You can search, save, and mark as queried. How cool is that?! There are already tons of databases, but this is perfect for searching for your dream agent and editor while you wait in the carpool line or for that date who is ten minutes late.

Find out more and download here.

Facebook Pages Manager by Facebook, Inc.

I'm terrible about updating my page, even though I can update it from HootSuite (another app I love!) on my browser or on my phone. This app is great for adjusting the little details to make your page shine while on the go.

Find out more and download here.

And if you are like me and would be lost without your iPhone, there's an app for that too... ;)

-Darcy (of the Drake variety)

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  1. This is awesome! I am always on the lookout for new apps, thanks for these!