Saturday, July 14, 2012

What Do Witches Do In July

The days of July through August can get scorching.  So what does a witch do in those sweat-inducing days?  Believe it or not, they go to Witches Camp.  For a witch it can be a clearing in the woods or near a lake.  It is a place equipped with cabins, tents and modern amentities.  It is a place of respite where they leave the burdens of everyday life, put aside their responsibilities to soak up the peace and weave magic, share skills and stories and reaffirm their beliefs. 

All witches are welcome, no matter their skill level.  They usually stay for a week.  During that time, witches learn new skills, how to use tools and offer inspiration.  Camp is a place to connect with friends, mentors and make new acquaintances. 

What does a witch do at camp?  Opportunities abound.  They help create public rituals, join study groups, learn new techniques, deepen skill level, and develop group and leadership techniques.  Even with all the activities, there is quiet time for solitude to absorb everything they have learned in order to absorb the information and transform themselves and their lives.

Afternoons are spent in shorter workshops, meetings and sessions.  In the evening, the community gathers in a large group to perform colelctive rituals based on the tales of old.  They will storytell, chant, dance, do vision work.  They open themselves up to expand their energies and be transformed.

Witches camp is a place for relaxation and renewal . . . not so different from vacation. 



  1. Darcy, This sounds like the beginnings of a plot for a YA novel. What do you think?

  2. I never thought of that, Dawn, but that's a dang good idea. Think I'll take it to my critique group and see what they say.