Friday, July 27, 2012

Yehwe Zogbanu

Did you read about the "goat man" in Utah this past week? Apparently, there were sightings of a mysterious goat creature hanging out with a herd of goats in the mountains of Utah. People got excited--was this a new creature? A new Sasquatch? As it turns out, it was a hunter dressed up in a goat suit trying to get close to the goats to learn about them as he prepped for archery hunting. Okay. When I read about his costume, I had to smile: he wore a painter's uniform that he had covered with fleece and had a hood with the eyes cut out. He had also made horns.

I am not sure whether to say "bravo!" for his ingenuity, or "oh no" for his stupidity. What he did was very dangerous. He could have been shot by other hunters or attacked by another goat (hey, good looking...).

The incident got me thinking. What kind of creatures, other than Big Foot or Yeti, might one find wandering the forests? Thank goodness for Google! I ended up reading about a cool creature in African mythology (West Africa, to be exact: Dahomy) called the Yehwe Zogbanu.

This creature is a giant, of sorts. Liken him to a troll. A big, bad, and very mean troll. He is human-like (arms and legs) and  has 30 horns on his body. He roams the land, eating hunters who cross into his lands. Yeah, he isn't nice at all, and is quite feared. I saw some drawings around the web, and I wouldn't want to run into him.

Can you imagine the goat man meeting up with the Yehwe Zogbanu?

Oh, and the Yehwe Zogbanu is also a type of Pokemon. I don't think the goat man is.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Interesting blog, Kerry. Isn't it fun to discover new stuff. I think that is the writer in all of us.