Thursday, August 23, 2012

Genre Change?

Hey everyone! As you might know, I write paranormal, cyberpunk, and soon fantasy romance. Some with an erotic edge, and some more mainstream. Though those are different, they're all based in speculative fiction. I've always wanted to be an author of paranormal fiction; although, before I realized what I wanted to do, I did work on a couple of not paranormal novels, one was a mystery/thriller/crime novel. Once I honed in on what I wanted to write, I ran with it and didn't look back, until this past week...

Maybe it's all the incredibly movies, like The Bourne Legacy, I've seen recently, I'm not sure, but for a while, I wondered long and hard about working on that crime novel. My flame for the paranormal dimmed a little. Then when I did an interview recently and one of the questions were something like, where do you see yourself genre-wise in five years? For a while, I wondered... where do I see myself in five years genre-wise?

That question helped me come back to my senses. While I love watching and reading thrillers, I'm not sure I could pursue a writing career in that genre. Some of the plots are so complex that I blink in amazement at the edge. Besides, I also really enjoy my work. Werewolves, vampires, and faeries, oh my! And usually... oh yum too! *grins*

Have you ever thought about switching genres? Did you or didn't you?

Sarah Mäkelä


  1. Hi, Sarah.
    Thanks for the post. I really like that thought-provoking question you were asked. "where do you see yourself genre-wise in five years?" I'm used to similar questions tossed out when dealing with relationships, but not with writing. I find that I'm mulling over that one, too. It's fun to read outside your normal genre, but it's an entirely different ball of wax if you seriously think of pursing that alternate genre. Wow. *shakes head* you've definitely given me plenty to think on! :) Glad to hear you're sticking with paranormal, though. I love your stories!

  2. Sometimes I do miss horror, but I'm lucky in that I can write a horror short story and get it out of my system...

    Sometimes it's just super fun for me not to have to worry about a happy ending... Muahahahaha!!!!


    Great blog Sarah!

    Lisa :)