Saturday, August 25, 2012

Peridot - The Stone of Understanding

August's birthstone is the bright olive green peridot.  The special powers of this gemstone is that it expands awareness and improves inner as well as outer vision.  That means it helps shed light on situations.

The ancients referred to it as the gem of the sun because they believe it had the power to ward off darkness and guarded against illusions, enchantments, and spells.

Legend has peridot being favored by pirates to protect them against evil.

A lot of gemstones were used for medicinal purposes, and peridot is no exception.  When ground into a powder, it is taken as a remedy for asthma and held under tongue, it is used to lessen a fever.  It is also prized for reducing stress and promoting personal growth.

Set in gold peridot will protect the wearer from nightmares.  It is credited with the power to make the wearer gracious and loving, and also to fortell the future.

As the Stone of Understanding, it can assure matrimonial happiness. 


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  1. Hi, Darcy! Peridot is my favorite. It's my birthstone and my signature color. I wear it always. :)