Thursday, August 16, 2012

Procrastination, We Meet Again

Thirty minutes before deadline on this blog post... and what am I doing? Not writing a blog post, that's for sure. I could write about my recent news of placing third in the Daphne, of my approach to the business of writing, or even what I thought of Pixar's Brave. All would be great topics. I'd love to talk about them and yet I'm not. None of those subjects of fascinating debate and discussion, pondering and pestering, are capturing my attention long enough to write about them.

Nope. I want to talk about my old enemy... Procrastination.

It often takes advantage of my ADHD and uses it against me, but I know when I'm giving in and I can't blame anyone but myself. I have to own it! I am procrastinating. Me. No one else. No one else is making me shop online for the perfect queen size bed right this second instead of fulfilling my commitments and obligations to my friends and colleagues.

Online shopping is one of my biggest weaknesses. There seems to always be something I am on the lookout for and of course it has to be perfect. Somehow that perfection requires wasting precious time internet surfing and scanning every possible source for what I need. I could complete my search in a quick ten minutes and succeed, or fail and try again later in another ten minute segment.

Why do I do this? I love blogging! I love writing, tweeting, chatting, and generally attempting and failing at holding an intelligent conversation. When I stop and think about it, internet shopping for a new bed or scrolling through Facebook or planning my wardrobe for a conference, those activities are safe. There is no potential for saying something ridiculous or failing to express an opinion in a clear, understandable way.

When I procrastinate writing and working on the manuscripts I adore, subconsciously I am putting off the future chance of rejection. OUCH!

My question to anyone reading this is... Do you procrastinate and if so what are your motivations? How do you procrastinate? What tempts your focus away?


  1. We are not procrastinating, Darcy! The day is just getting shorter. It stops us from getting everything done that we want. At least that's what I'm saying.

    1. That's our story and we are sticking to it? ;)