Friday, August 17, 2012

TYPHOEUS- the Hurricane

As we are heading into full hurricane season here in the Northern Hemisphere, I begin worrying. No one wants another Katrina, or Fran, or (insert name). Nature's fury can be really, really scary and do a whole lot of damage to us tiny humans.

Though hurricane season is typically June 1-November 1, we really see the ugliest storms late August-late September. Tropical Storm Gordon is in the Atlantic today (no threat to the US, but how are we already at "G"?), and I started wondering about the ancients--and just how scary must these storms have been to them?

In ancient Greece, the mythology provided a name for the creature of a hurricane: Typhoeus. Yeah, that is where Typhoon comes from. Typhoeus's head touched the stars. His body was that of a man, but his legs were snakes. He had a hundred snakes for fingers (fifty on each hand). He had huge wings (with which he made wind) and a long beard. Sometimes he is depicted as having a hundred dragon heads. He is immortal and even does battle with Zeus--initially winning. That is some storm!

Can you imagine what the ancients must have felt as a Cat 4 hurricane barreled down on them? They must have felt like the world was coming to an end. They wouldn't have had the week's notice we get now, thanks to technology.

Let's hope that this season is mild, and we don't face anything like Typhoeus's wrath. Hurricane's scare me, a lot.


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