Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Urisk—Scottish Solitary Faerie

Many a man or woman has sought release from their woes by visiting wild places within the woodland. Seeking ease, they're attracted to secluded pools. Places supportive of contemplation. In the forests of Scotland, more likely than not, they chance meeting a creature so peculiar they'll scurry back to civilization, their heart in their throat.

'Tis sad. The urisk, a humble creature by nature, is lonely and wants to make friends. Most humans shun the poor fellow because of his uncomely appearance, found by many to be horrifying and frightening.

Still, he holds hope someday someone will come along and befriend him.

"What does he look like?" you ask.

The tall urisk appears an aging bald creature with pointed ears. His face is long and drawn. He stares at you through soulful rounded eyes. He sports a goatee on his chin. His emaciated, hairless torso is somewhat human-like—his lower half goat-like with shaggy fur. His limbs are long and thin and he walks on cloven feet.

Many confuse the urisk (ùruisg) with the brownie (brùnaid), though I believe they are each a distinct variety of solitary faerie. And look nothing alike.

A wonderfully dark depiction of the urisk can be found in the illustrated book, Faeries, by Brian Froud and Alan Lee.

Would you be frightened if you met an urisk in the woods?

~Dawn Marie

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  1. Probably would scare the beejus out of me. I don't do well with scary beings. Are they friendly to humans?

  2. Hi Darcy. They are friendly to humans, but most people find them scary and run away. Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Hmm...he sounds a great deal like my chemistry teacher. And no. I didn't do well in that class at all. ;)

  4. LOL, Maeve! Chemistry was a foreign language to me. Thanks for visiting!