Friday, August 3, 2012

Writing Seminars and Retreats

I know a bunch of you are just getting home from RWA--I hope you had a fabulous time! I know I loved it last year, and am already looking forward to next year. The one thing about Nationals--it is tiring, wildly hectic, and overwhelming. Sure, it is a total blast, but for me, it isn't a place conducive to writing. Or much thinking. I remember getting back to the room and collapsing in a heap.

So, although I am going to several conventions (the next is Moonlight and Magnolias where I'll be on an editing panel, and also taking pitches), I decided to try a couple of writing seminars. I went on the Low Country RWA hermit week retreat back in February--and it was fabulous. This time, I am going to seminars that have a workshop feel

The first one is the James Scott Bell seminar in Nashville next week. I have referred to his Plot and Structure book for years in my college classes, and recently fell in love with his Revision and Self-Editing book. If you aren't familiar with the books--you should check them out.

His seminar is two days of intensive lecture and discussion. I can't wait!

Next up, I signed up for the Algonkian Novel Workshop in September. I've seen some mixed reviews on this workshop--but I feel like you often get out of a workshop what you put into it. I plan to have a great time, learn a lot, and work hard. Hopefully, I'll meet some great people, too! I am looking forward to five days of being in a writing atmosphere.

How about you? Have you had the chance to get away to a seminar? Did it help you recharge? Inspire you? Was it as tiring as a major conference?


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  1. I was at PNWA this year and really enjoyed it. I do agree with you, Kerry, about conferences being exhausting but worth every minute. If I get one idea, one writing tip that makes me a better writer, the conference has paid for itself.