Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Release Promo Recipes

Hi everyone –

Great to be back in the Castle!

I wish I had some sort of catchy blog all planned out, full of amazing craft tips to share and exercises to try…

Alas, when the Castles & Guns crew took me in, they knew I’m not much for writing craft blogs.

I just started writing a new book that I’m excited about, and I’m waiting for Night Thief to release this month, so I’ve been crazy busy writing and working on promotions for Night Thief.

So I thought I’d ask you about promotions. Marketing is like some kind of mysterious voodoo.  You’re never really sure what works, but no promo = no sales, so we all take a dip in the marketing and publicity pool and hope for the best.

I’ve tried blog hops, writer’s conferences, readers’ conferences, romance trading cards, magnets, facebook parties, you name it! J

The good news is I usually have fun doing all those things. The bad news is, I’m still not hitting the best seller lists! LOL

When it comes to a new book release, what catches your eye? Do you like contests and prizes? What about a twitter #hashtag party?

I hosted a facebook all-day party back in May for Night Walker and we all had a blast plastering the cover and the amazon link all over facebook. Afterwards I mailed lots of goodies to random party attendees. (So it wasn’t a contest facebook! LOL)

Whatever I do for Night Thief this month, I’d like it to be fun for everyone.  Having a new book out is similar to having a birthday party for your child. You want to celebrate and be sure everyone has a good time in the process…

What do you think? Any cool ideas for new release parties?

I’ll get the Castles & Guns cauldron fired up and wait to hear your recipes for success…. J



  1. Tell me more about the FB thin gee.

    1. You can set up a facebook "Event" and invite people to come party with you one day to celebrate the book release...

      We played online games "liking and tagging" on Amazon and B&N and sharing the cover and amazon link, etc. And randomly throughout the day I'd have drawings for party-goer gifts... It was a blast! :)