Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One More Blog Post to Write

On Friday, I prepared to venture out of town for a mini vacation. As the day rushed by, panic set in. I had several blog posts due over the next several days and no idea what to write.

I picked up the DVD my husband and I watched the night before. Dark Shadows, the series shown from 1966-1971 on TV. Perfect. I'd write about Dark Shadows and the Art of the Hook. One down, two to go.

Need something with a Celtic theme. Got it. Scottish Highland Games—The Caber Toss.

One more, one more. What to write? I need one more topic for my post at Castles and Guns. My mind is empty. Totally blank! I glance at the calendar. Hmm?

Saturday—the first day of Fall.

My mind conjures the image of mums, the epitome of Fall.

Autumn arrived on Saturday in the United States when the sun crossed the celestial equator moving southward. I love this time of year. Don't you?

How do you decide what to blog about?

~Dawn Marie


  1. I cheat! I hope blogging isn't supposed to be impulsive. I'm a planner. This year it's witches and monthly birthstones. Next year it'll be dragons and superstitions. 2014 might be about the influence of colors and secret societies. Not sure yet. Ideas are gelling.

  2. Wow, Darcy! You really are a planner. I look forward to reading your future posts. :)

  3. Think it's called being anal. When I travel, my friends laugh at me because I start packing a month ahead of time.

  4. Too funny! Wish I could be more organized.