Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pirate Jokes & Ninja Parties... Really!

Aye Mateys - 

Welcome to the Castle and a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye...

Got yer eye patch on? Check.

Limp in yer leg and snarl on yer lips? Check.

Then we be ready to lower the drawbridge and welcome the land-lubbers inside...

(I never get sick of talking like a pirate! LOL)


In honor of the holiday, here be a few Pirate jokes for ye....

What is a pirates favorite cheese? CheddARRRRRR!!

What is a pirate's favorite hobby? ARRRRT!!

Now ye probably be askin' yerself... Lisa said somethin' about a Ninja Party. Well that be true mateys!

My new novella, Night Thief, will be releasin' sometime before the end of September.  Because it be in eBook only format, the release day be a mystery to us all, and the book will arrive like a silent ninja onto Amazon and B&N...

So it seemed only proper to host a Ninja Release Party too!  Ye can RSVP on facebook right here...  

Hope to see you there matey! Once Night Thief arrrrrrrrives, our party will start. Hope to see ye there...

A couple more jokes before I leave ye....

Where do pirates get their food? A farrrrrrrrm!

A pirate's diet includes plenty of what? CARRRRbs!  

Wait! Before ye be closin' that window, grace us with yer favorite pirate joke!  ARRRRRRRRR!!!

Lisa :)

PS - Special gift to the pirate lovers out there... Here be an old Pirate short story....


  1. Hi Lisa, congrats on the upcoming release of Night Thief! Your Ninja Release Party is very clever. Love the idea. You do "pirate" well. This post gave me a smile! Don't know any good pirate jokes but will share that my favorite pirate book is Richard Scary's PIE RATS AHOY! ;-)

    1. LOL Love it Jill!!!

      I think the Ninja Release party will be fun... I'll let you know how it goes... Once it starts anyway! LOL

      Thanks for commenting!

      Lisa :)