Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poppet Dolls

Hi Everyone, 

This month is about poppet dolls.  The most common example of one is a Vodou doll.  But witches don't use them for harm.  They can be constructed for healing, for mending conflict or bringing abundance to the owner.

September has most witches thinking about the Winter Solstice, which is why they begin preparing their dolls.  It is best if they sew and construct their own doll.  This can be done with old T-shirts that are cut apart and stitched together for poppets (and sachets or charms).  It is recommended that the material be machine-washed with salt and apple cider vinegar to remove excess energies).  Cut two equsl-sized 'humans' from a black shirt (black is used for banishing--which is the purpose of this particular poppet because the witch is banishing the negative energy of the old to make way for the new).  It is best to hand-stitch the two pieces together while chanting to the doll -- one chant is 'you are my anger, you are my woe, into your figure my darkness I sew).  Once sewn together, the head is left open for stuffing with banishing representatiions.

The most obvious item to put in a poppet is dead leaves, which ties it to Autum and the Dying Tide.  A blood sacrifice can be made to tie the poppet to the practitioner.  This is just a drop of blood (menstrual or finger prick).

Those are the basics of creating a poppet.  Herbs can be used as well (to exorcise evil), snakeskin (for shedding th repast), dead bugs and fragments of animal bones (for shedding the past), dust (to gather up old energies), and photographs of people whose influence you wish to banish (to provide a link).

Some witches choose to burn their poppet on Mahon fire, though some use a Samhain fire.  Witches burn poppets in a single incident or a group may create several poppets for different reasons and burn them together in a Samhain fire . . . think Burning Man.

Creating an autumnal banishing poppet is a good thing.  It is rooted in creativity and the deep desire to purge unwanted energies.  It is a witche's desire (or anyone) to feel free, be artistic.  Getting rid of negativity engergy will put a smile on their face (and your's). 

Enjoy September.



  1. Interesting post, Darcy. What inspired you to research poppet-making?

  2. This year I split my every other Saturday posts between witches and birthstone gems. A poppet is something that falls into the witches category. Next I plan on doing dragons and superstitions. Not sure which one will be more interesting.

  3. That was interesting. Is this something that you will use in a story? Creating one for heroine or hero to remove a spell or evil influence on them. I like dragons too.

  4. Hi Mary, Thanks for dropping by. I'm working on a witch series now . . . So the possibility of using a poppet in one of the stories is big.

  5. Fascinating! I'd never heard of poppet dolls before. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Glad I could increase your knowledge, Dawn. Remember all those historical romances that the hero called the heroine Poppet. I have to laugh now because he was actually calling her a vudoo doll.