Saturday, September 29, 2012

Technology and animals

So forgive me for the late posting, I have been without my computer for the vast majority of the week. You see I am a dog person. I love my puppies, and I still call them puppies long after they surpass the age of two. Well at this current moment I have two very legitimate puppies, one of whom likes to climb. You see he has small dog syndrome, and does everything and anything to make himself bigger. Now to achieve this he has to run/jump onto things that are not made for jumping, i.e. my computer. My computer took a big fall and so, I am without a computer for about week.

But now I am up and running and I am ever so much more aware of how chained to technology my life is. I know people who are chained to their phones, can't live without them, freak out when they go missing. Not me, I am a person who hates my phone. I almost never answer phone called (the exception being my mother who has not mastered e-mail yet), and for the most part only text. Not that I am a reliable texter since my phone is always on silent.

But my laptop I could not live without. I work from it not only for editing but also for my own writing. While without my computer I actually had some "muse moments" where I actually wrote down my thoughts on paper. I wrote about half of a chapter on notebook paper and was shocked at how quickly my hand cramped up and how much I missed the delete key. Ever write out three sentences and then want to go back and change things? It's next to impossible unless you are completely okay with the paper looking like a hot mess (which mine does).

Without a doubt, these days as a writer, one has to have a working knowledge of technology  and the more familiar with it you are, at least in my opinion, the better off you will be. Without naming names, I have been the editor for an author who had little knowledge of how to use word. Sure they were able to get the story down on paper, but by the time it made it into my hand the formatting was a mess and a lot of work needed to be done. My life would have been so much easier, and the story would have gotten a lot more attention, if I hadn't spent a lot of my time trying to teach the author about the inner workings of word. In my experience my favorite authors to work with are ones who doesn't have a lot of questions about the technology, but have a lot of questions about my comments.

With the way the publishing word is going more and more digital, from no longer accepting paper submissions (the trees thank us for that one) to publishing houses existing purely for digital books only, the more and more important it is for authors to keep up with the changes. And editors too. So while I hope I never have to repeat my week without a computer (except for vacations), I can't help but wondering, what piece of technology could you not live without for a week?

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  1. My computer crashed last January and I am still recovering. You have my sympathy.