Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Celestial Gemstone -- Sapphire


Sapphires, the offical birthstone for September, is called the Celestial Stone because of its deep blue color.  It was adopted by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912.  It is any non-red variety of corrundum (red is ruby).  This gemstone has been treasured for thousand of years.  5,000 year old Chinese ceremonial axes consisting of 40% corundum were found and under a microscope it was discovered that they were polished to a high sheen with diamond dust.

It was sacred to the god Apollo.  Sapphires are supposed to make one wiser and guard against poverty and snake bites.  The Persians thought the earth rested on a big blue sapphire and its reflection wad the sky.  Hindus declared the sapphire tasted better and was lukewarm. 

Legend claims the ten commandments were given to Moses on tablets of sapphire, making it th most sacred of gemestones . . . but to derive the most benefit from this holy stone, however, it is necessary to be pure oneself.

The wearer of sapphires enjoys enhanced perception of other's feelings, concrns and needs.  This awareness increases ones ability to compromise and meditate conflicts.

It has long been used as protection against all sort of bad luck, even demons and poisons.  Because sapphires represent devine favor, they were the gemstones for kings and high priests.  Coincidentally, kings wore sapphires as a defense against harm because the stone protected them from envy.

The sapphire channels the healing power of love to improve sympathy and faithfulness between partners in intimate relationshios.

On the mystical side, sapphire are used for clear thinking.  They brin both physical and emotional balance.  Individuals involved in litigation or legal disputes can benefit by wearing or carrying a sapphire.  It enhances one's attunement to and understanding an opponent.

Hope you enjoyed learning about sapphires.  Do you have a favorite color?



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  1. My hero's claymore in Just Beyond the Garden Gate has a sapphire embedded in the pommel and the hero gives the heroine sapphires as a bridal gift. :)