Monday, October 15, 2012

Castle Obsession

From the first, let me identify that I'm not speaking about the television show. No, I'm talking about real-to-life castles. Well, and those that we as writers make up.

Most people love castles - or at least the idea of a castle. But why?

It is because, to most of us today, it represents wealth? Status? Power? Okay, I could buy that.

When we watch a movie or open a book, knowing a story's setting is in a castle immediately tells us something about the mood of the story. Maybe it's scary, or thrilling. Maybe it's a tale of haunted lost love or murder and mayhem. But whatever the tale, we are intrigued. I mean, it takes place in a castle, it has to be good, right?

This entire notion is pretty ironic, really, when you recall the reality of castle life. They were built as fortresses. They were drafty, cold, dirty places to live. Tapestries were made to cover the walls in an attempt to retain heat. Rushes were strewn over the floors to keep dirt at bay. These places were built to house many, many people - not only a single family. There were dungeons, dirt on the floors and I'm pretty sure the dining hall was not the cleanest place to eat.

Who wants the reality? Give us the castle and our daydreams, right?

Beyond what historians and archeologists tell us, though, beyond what we may imagine when we conjure up the image of a castle, I truly believe we love castles because they are proof of endurance. They have withstood the test of time. Through wars and skirmishes, through families and villagers, through disease and famine, through heartache and love, through the years of weather itself...castles are still around today to tell us of their longevity.

I believe the ideal of a castle gives us hope that we may also find that which can endure. Be it in a relationship or job or even the tiniest feelings we cherish above all else.We want something that can last forever.

What about you? What is it about castles that call out to you?

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  1. Sorry, Ayla, but the option of a dirt hut just isn't very appealing. That's what most people lived in ancient times. I vote for castle life.