Saturday, October 27, 2012


As Kerry mentioned yesterday November is NaNo month! And I can't wait. Here's way, I didn't win last year. I had this great idea for an urban fantasy book, I had like the first third of the book figured out and I figured I would figure out the rest as I went. So I was plugging along during NaNo and super excited that I made it to 30,000 words and then it happened. No more words. The last two week of NaNo I wrote like 500 words total, I couldn't dig myself out of the hole I wrote myself into. I was defeated. I've worked on the novel since then and it needs a lot of reworking, so it is going to be the novel I work on this November.

This November I am starting from scratch, in more ways than one, I am going to not only be writing a brand new novel I am going to writing in a brand new genre for me. I am writing a mystery (with romantic elements). And this time I am setting myself up for success. I have been outlining since last week. I am following K.M. Weiland's book, Outlining Your Novel, Map Your Way to Success. I am not a natural outliner. I have been trying to find a way that works for me for months now. But this book has really been working for me. I am not following her plan exactly, I am adapting it to work for the way I work. But the broad strokes I am following, and I have to say this is the most productive I have been in terms of crafting a novel in such a short amount of time.

In the past week I have crafted a premise for the book, outlined several key scenes in the book, ordered the book by scenes from beginning to end, I'm half way through with character sketches for all the important characters, and I have a lot of information/pictures on the setting. Scrivener is making this whole process so easy for me. Seriously if you haven't tried Scrivener yet, and you are a writer, I would give it a try.

So before NaNo starts up my goals are to have the character sketches finished as well as all the big setting information completed as well. This time around I won't be writing myself into a hole, I shouldn't suffer from any huge bouts of writers block because this time I have a road map. I couldn't be more excited for NaNo if I tried! To all those who are participating this year, good luck, and happy writing!


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