Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Year Awaits

I'm looking forward to the New Year. There's so much newness and excitement with the fresh start of another year. I haven't written down my goals yet for 2013, but I've planned on doing so within the next couple days.

I'm currently working on finishing a companion novella to Captivated, which has had its many ups and downs. It's been one of the hardest stories to get into even though the synopsis is fully written, and I should know what I'm doing. However, it seems like I've been stumbling around a lot. Hubby challenged me to write for thirty minutes using Write Or Die or something else and really focusing on it, and I wrote more in that thirty minutes than I have most of my recent days.

So what does that have to do with me talking about 2013 and the New Year? Simple. One of my known goals is going to be to write even more consistently, even if its using Write Or Die for thirty minutes. Just timing myself and knowing if I don't keep writing, the scary program will delete my words forced me through a block that I probably wouldn't have gotten through easily otherwise! Timers and deadlines just seem to work for me.

Stay persistent and don't give up. If we hang in there long enough, there's a better chance of finding the level of success we desire.

What goals have you guys achieved in 2012 or want to reach in 2013?

~Sarah Mäkelä


  1. 2012 wasn't very successful, writing-wise, but I'm hoping that 2013 brings lots of good/great changes. At least that's my plan. Here's wishing everyone the best in the future,

  2. I wrote a lot in 2012, but I spent MANY days not writing. My goal is to try to write as many days as I can this year. I just finished up my spreadsheet--I love numbers and data. lol