Friday, January 18, 2013

Turtle Island

After several days at a quiet NC beach (by quiet, I mean seeing NO ONE all day), I am home. It is snowing. Don't hate. ugh.

The beach I went to has a sea turtle rehab facility. Unfortunately, it is closed to the public in winter, but it looks pretty cool.

So, I started wondering about sea turtle mythology. The gentle creatures are so amazing--there must be myths written about them, right?

Sea turtles are truly cool. They have been on earth a long time--over 200 million years. Some can grow to 2000lbs. They have poor eyesight and use earth's magnetic fields to navigate. What an awesome super power--to navigate that way.

In Hawaii, the mother of all turtles is Kauila. She could turn into a human girl--and she watched over children on the island.

In Iroquois tradition, and many other northeastern North American tribes, the world was created on the back of a water turtle. Some still call North America "Turtle Island".  That makes me happy to hear, though I am not sure exactly why.

In ancient Egypt, sea turtles were thought to come out of the underworld (in several other cultures, too.) Ancients saw them come out of the mysterious ocean--so that makes sense.

Almost every culture I looked up had some reference to turtles of some sort--if not sea turtles, then tortoises, or small turtles. These gentle guys have been part of the fabric of our storytelling for many thousands of years. I think we took a step back in "Finding Nemo", but that is my opinion. (loved the movie, did not love Crush)

Have a great week!


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