Saturday, March 2, 2013

Desert Dragons


Desert dragons are either Fire or Earth dragons.  Draco flameus or Fire Dragon is the rarest of all dragons and is often difficult to observe.  The color of these dragons is browns, tans, whites and other colors that blend with their surroundings.  Think chamelon.  Because the dragons colors are mottled in such a way that they can be nearly invisible if they lie still, more so than any other kind of dragon.  They like to hide under the sand or in gullies when hunting.

Again like lizards, many of the arid land dragons are serpentine in shape with long slender tails.  The larger desert dragons often have huge, membranous wings while the smaller desert dragons have extremely small wings.  Flying is difficult for them.  Rather than flying, the smaller dragons take long hops or jumps.  Both sizes use their wings to create whirlwinds of sand and dust to confuse their enemies and prey.

Both large and small can have either two or four legs which allow them to move rapidly.  The two-legged dragon is usually a wyvern.  They have tightly overlapping scales that helps keep out the sand and fine dust.  The larger ones are more reserved.  They have heavy ridges of bony eye socket to shade their eyes from the sun.  Their gaze is considered hypnotic and can immobilize their prey or cause hunters to forget they saw a dragon. 

All dragons love treasure, and desert dragons are no different.  It is said the treausre in their lairs is a combination of ancient armor, swords, gems and modern exploration equipment.  They are considered skilled thieves with pack rat tendencies. 

Since living in the desert is harsh, desert dragons are very territorial.  They are unpredictable and difficult to work with.

Do you have a favorite dragon type? 


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  1. Interesting post, Darcy. I can't tell you my favorite until I read more of your posts. :)