Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dragon Eggs

Hi Everyone,

Since this weekend is Easter and to me that means Easter eggs (actually peeps but who's checking), I thought I'd tell you about dragon eggs.

Dragon eggs come in different colors and all sizes, depending on the type of dragon.  Most have speckles over them.  The big thing about dragon eggsis they have to be kept warm--literally in a bed of live coals.  Usually the female dragon will breathe a jet of flames over her eggs every few hours. 

Dragon eggs start off with an egg shell, amnnion and yolk sac.  This takes about three months for the embroy to develop.  In the second stage features become distinguishable.  The embryo is developing.  This takes twelve months.  In the third stage an 'egg horn' develops to aid the chick in breaking open the eggshell.  Once the chick is born and free of the egg shell, the egg horn falls off.

The life cycle of a dragon is similiar to a lizards, but their life spans are quite different.  Chinese dragons are said to live the longest--over 400 years.  European dragons live about 300 years.

Thanks for stopping by and learning a little more about dragons.


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