Friday, March 15, 2013


Do you like leprechauns? Honestly, they've never been my favorite faerie. Little men, dressed in my least favorite color, with odd hats. Not so sensual or gothic or mystical to me.

Of course, the gold is appealing. Who wouldn't want a pot of gold, especially at today's prices?

So who are these little fae? Of course, they are from Irish mythology. They are small ("wee folk"), they drink moonshine (poteen), and they like to play music (harp, fiddle, and others), and dance. Sometimes, they play tricks on humans--especially farmers. Many people try to catch leprechauns, but they are notoriously difficult to catch. My kindergartner's class made leprechaun traps this year--they had a leprechaun visiting the room, leaving green footprints everywhere, making messes, and even using the toilet (green pee...yeah, that was odd). The kids haven't caught the creature yet.

Leprechauns are shoemakers, too, and you will often see them depicted with a shoemaker's hammer. They make fairy shoes! To me, that is the most interesting thing about them. Making little shoes would be a ton of fun!

They have cousins who are much more tricksy--called cluricauns. Cluricauns play lots of tricks on humans, and like to steal things--livestock, food, drink--whatever they can. They are always drunk, and they apparently don't have a pot of gold. They are always partying and making mischief--I think they actually sound more interesting than leprechauns.

What about you? Do you like leprechauns?


  1. Not my favorite fae. Afraid I've seen too many horror movies with them being the villain. You made me see them in a different light.

  2. oooh. horror leprechauns. *shudder*