Friday, March 1, 2013

Paranormal creatures...

I think I've learned more about the creatures that inhabit paranormal romance in the last two years, than I ever knew. Of course I had read about vampires (Anne Rice), and some werewolves, and witches. And such. But I've learned about all sorts of new creatures while editing and reading. Banshees (or half-banshees, Tiffany Allee's Banshee Charmer), more vampires, witches, fairies, angels (Deena Ramiel's series), ghosts (Stacey Kennedy...), demons (Boone Brux...), dragons, and all sorts of other creatures.

I think authors can make any of these non-humans sexy, or scary, or both. Really good books make you believe in the paranormal creatures--make you feel for them, lust after them, empathize with them. Or make you lock your doors and sprinkle salt...

I am intrigued by shifter books. I've read some that I thought weren't very good, and then some that made shifting as natural as sleeping. I was thinking, I could never write shifters, but then I realized, I've written mermaids a couple of times. They are shifters, yes? *I feel so accomplished*.

I've loved reading and editing in the paranormal universes authors create--and I really enjoy unusual creatures--especially if they are the focus of the story (I am less enamored with worlds that have a zillion paranormal creatures, but that is just me).

What is your favorite paranormal creature to read about? Write? What don't you enjoy?  And what is the most unusual creature you have read about?

Happy Friday!



  1. I guess I've got to fall back on an editor/agent's response---a well written story makes all the the difference in liking or being compelled by the paranormal creature for me. I think shifters are neat. dragons and all fae I love. Horror would probably be my least favorite.

  2. I love shapeshifters, particularly dragons and werewolves. But I also like witches, griffins, and Death. It's so hard to stick with just one.

    I don't really get into angels. I like demons - good and bad - but angels don't do much for me.

  3. Beth, that's interesting that you like Death and demons, but not angels. I guess you like the bad-boy type. :)