Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hair Superstitions

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We as human beings have been trying to figure each other out since the beginning of time.  That lead me to wonder about people superstitions.  I figured it would be fun to start with hair coloring.  There are over two hundred shades between black and blonde hair. 

We've all heard that redheads have tempers and are emotionally unstable.  But do not lament that.  It is supposed to be good luck to rub the head of a redhead.  They are good conversationalists.  It is believed that bees sting redhead more often than any other color.  Red hair is associated with fire.  In ancient times red hair was very unpopular wtih Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, but elsewhere it was considered lucky. 

Curly black headed people are considered neat freaks, while straight black hair denotes extravagence.  People with thick black hair is a sign of good health.  There's an old superstition that any person to first step over a threshold will bring good luck unless they're dark haired.  They'll bring bad luck. 

Brunettes are considered sincere.  In the game of survival they have a better chance in the struggle for extence than blondes.  Dark haired men are considered deceitful, but if a man's hair is neither too dsrk or too light, they will have the best characteristics. 

Speaking of blondes . . . remember the one about blondes being fickle and air-heads.  At the fall of the Roman Empire most of Europe's ruling classes fell into the blonde category. 

An ancient superstition claims that white hair on a young person means they're a genius.  It also is believed that they will live a very long time. 

These are just the basics about hair.  Do you know any others?

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  1. This was so fun to read, I knew many of these but don't know more supersticions on hair. I think I'm a sincere extravagant lol